Life at TWO Metres

How has COVID-19 impacted your life?

The Mission Museum, in partnership with the Mission Community Archives wishes to preserve your first-hand experiences during these unprecedented times. In an effort to document the far-reaching impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and to save memories for future generations, we are seeking relevant objects which tell the stories of the Mission community during this time of crisis.

This project is made up of two components:

  1. The collection of 3-dimensional objects at the Mission Museum
  2. The collection of text, audio, video and image files at the Mission Community Archives

To contribute archival content, please visit

We are looking for:

  • Objects associated with Mission residents affected by COVID-19
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) E.g., hand-sewn fabric masks
  • Objects associated with the “New Normal,” which relate to life during quarantine. E.g., working from home; home-schooling; development of new pastimes or hobbies, such as gardening or home workouts; or dealing with isolation and social distancing
  • Objects associated with Mission’s front-line “essential” workers, including supermarket employees, medical staff, delivery workers, transit workers, or government employees
  • Objects associated with significant events which have taken place during the pandemic, such as weddings, births, adoptions or funerals. E.g., Decorations from a social distancing birthday parade
  • Objects relating to closures and cancellations faced by individuals, local businesses, schools, and religious or cultural institutions. E.g., Physical distancing signs from local businesses – once they are no longer needed
  • Objects related to those who have lost work as a result of the pandemic

Terms and Guidelines:

  • We collect physical objects which tell the stories of Mission. Audiovisual materials help to tell these stories, but we only accept three-dimensional items into our collection. (E.g. we can collect the props used to film a video, but we would not collect the video on its own).
  • Objects must be tied to Mission and/or its residents. We invite all those who live in Mission and the north Fraser area of the Fraser Valley Regional District Electoral Areas (Dewdney-Hatzic Island, Nicomen-Island-Deroche, Lake Errock, and McConnell Creek-Hatzic Prairie) to participate.
  • Arrangements for item drop-off will be made following the submission of this form. Please save any potential donations until then and submit any relevant information about your object in the form below. We will reach out to you once we are ready to collect!
  • Not ready to donate your object yet? No problem! Simply fill out the form, and arrangements for drop-off can be made when you no longer need the item.
  • Please understand that objects collected at the Museum must fit within a strict collection policy and, unfortunately, we cannot accept every object offered to us.

Tell us about your potential artifact by filling out the form below!

Please include the following, if possible:

  1. Digital image(s) of the item
  2. Additional supporting images which show its original setting or use. This can include people using the object.

    * Mission Museum Privacy Policy Statement.

    Contact us if you have any questions/comments regarding this project.