Artifact - Memorial Cup

This trophy is from the 1978 Fall Fair and was used in subsequent years to recognize the winner in the category of “Sweet Wines”.  The names and dates on the cup include Andy Powell, 1993; Helen Holland, 1994; Don Timoffee, 1991-1992.

The Agricultural Fair saw the whole of the twentieth century, and reflected many of its most notable events.  The Agricultural Association chose not to cancel the festivities during WWI, though many surrounding areas chose to cancel theirs.  In 1931, during the Great Depression, admission was lowered to twenty-five cents.  Canada was at war again by 1940, and the Fair Board decided to substitute war savings stamps for fifty percent of all prize money.  In June 1948, there was a local historic event as Mission was hit by another flood, this one pretty disastrous. Special prize categories were held that year for farmers whose property had been under water for part of the growing season.

2011.085.011; Ian Gunderson