Artifact - Fall Fair Ribbons

These are first, second and third place ribbons from Mission’s 50th Fall Fair in 1944.  Each ribbon is labelled “1894-1944, Mission & District Agricultural Assoc. 50th Anniversary Fair” to mark the special occasion.

Fair festivities varied from year to year, but early participants displayed everything imaginable; from homemade cakes and potted ferns, to collections of buttons and matchbooks.  Sometimes festivities also included such things as a parade and a beauty pageant, and carnival rides were added in 1925.  A popular 1941 attraction was Mr. Routledge’s train: a two-ton steam locomotive that ran on a two hundred yard track, and carried four children at a time.  Later attractions included a dog show in 1972, and a casino in 1982.

The Fall Fair also hosted a wide variety of competitions.  The first Fair Queen, Miss Annie Elliot, was crowned in 1925.  The Caledonian games made their debut in 1933, and a slow auto race was added in 1936.  Contests really got their surge in popularity by 1934, and fairgoers participated in competitive activities such as log chopping, Japanese wrestling, greased pole climbing, greased pig catching, and even pillow fights.

1976.034.146, 1976.034.187, 1976.034.188; Donated by George Jones