Mission Agricultural Association Sign

Mission’s Agricultural Fair, more commonly known as the “Fall Fair”, was Mission’s longest running annual event.  The Agricultural Association held the first Fair in 1894—when Mission was little more than a pioneer settlement—and ran until 1999.  The festivities were held in various locations up until 1910.  From then on it took place at Mission’s Fairgrounds (the site of the present-day Leisure Centre).  Over the years, many other events also took place at the Fairgrounds, including May Day celebrations, Highland Games, and powwows hosted by the Mission Friendship Centre.  On July 1, 1953, the first permanent soapbox derby track in Canada opened at the Fairgrounds.

During the 1930s, Ethel Ogle (before serving as Mission’s first female mayor) acted as treasurer of the Mission Agricultural Association and was active in planning the annual event.  This ornate, handmade sign for the Mission Agricultural Association is made out of shells, rocks and pieces of glass.

2011.085.015; Ian Gunderson