Artifact - Dazey Butter Churn

Dazey Butter Churn

This useful artifact is a butter churn. It was manufactured by Dazey Churn & MFG Co. which was one of America’s most prolific butter churn producers. These churns are easily recognizable because their brand name is embossed in a circle on the glass jar. This particular churn is a 4 quart butter churn, and is one of first jars that Dazey made with a whey screen. This type of Dazey churn would have been produced in St. Louis, U.S.A. It was likely manufactured circa 1922.

To operate this type of churn, simply move the handle which will in turn rotate the wooden paddles inside the jar. The agitation from moving the handle will disrupt milk fat. Membranes that surround the fat will break down and form clumps known as butter grains. During the churning process these clumps form together to create larger fat globules. The churning removes air from the butter grain and eventually creates butter milk. The fat globules eventually form together to make solid butter and separate from the buttermilk which is subsequently drained. Excess liquid is squeezed out and the butter is ready!